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In 1964, a little girl appeared in a presidential campaign commercial
on TV sets across the country. In the commercial, the girl slowly
plucks the petals off of a daisy. A voice begins an eerie,
monotonous countdown, and at zero, the picture dissolves into a
nuclear detonation and its mushroom cloud after-effect. I always
thought that little girl looked a lot like me. The commercial
appeared only once, but its impact will never be forgotten. It was
meant to be a direct attack on a man who was being vilified for his
politics. That "dangerous" man, who many thought would destroy
the world if elected President, was my grandfather, Senator Barry

-- CC Goldwater
Producer, narrator and granddaughter CC Goldwater takes viewers on a
cinematic journey into the life of Barry Goldwater in her first film, MR.
Goldwater as a man either glorified or vilified by the American public. It traces
the roots of Goldwater’s conservative philosophy, conveys how he united the
conservative movement to lead the Republican Party into a new generation of
politics and demonstrates how his consistently Libertarian mindset led him to
diverge from the Conservative party orthodoxy in the ‘80s and ‘90s. As journalist
George Will has said of Goldwater’s pivotal presidential race against Lyndon B.
Johnson, “People say Goldwater lost in 1964. Some of us think Goldwater won.
It just took 16 years to count the votes. In 1980, we finally got the results in. And
conservatism had won.”
At the same time, the film demonstrates that Goldwater was personally
liked by politicians on both sides of the aisle, in an era when there seemed to be
more civil discourse between parties than there is today.
To tell the story of this multi-faceted man, CC Goldwater includes home
movies, intimate family stories, Barry Goldwater’s own extensive photography,
archival footage of his public life, and interviews about his political and social life
with prominent political faces from the past and present. Among those
interviewed by CC Goldwater and director Julie Anderson are Hillary Clinton,
Edward Kennedy, John McCain, John Warner, James Carville, Al Franken, John
Dean, Ben Bradlee, Helen Thomas, Walter Cronkite, Andy Rooney, George Will,
Bob Schieffer, Robert MacNeil, various Goldwater family members and members
of Goldwater’s personal staff.

Documentary Films presentation; directed by Julie Anderson; produced by CC
Goldwater and Tani Cohen. Composer, Joseph Vitarelli; director of photography,
Tom Inskeep; editor, Juliet Weber; executive producer for Sweet Pea Films, CC
Goldwater. For HBO: supervising producer, Nancy Abraham; executive
producer, Sheila Nevins.
HBO September 18, 2006.

For Immediate Release:


Senator John McCain: “I’d love to be remembered as a Goldwater
Republican. But I don’t pretend in any way to live up to the legacy of the man
who literally changed the face of politics in America.”
Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton: “1964, I was a Goldwater girl. My best
friend and I decided we would sign up. And we got to go to a couple of functions
and pass out, you know, cookies and lemonade. I admired his outspokenness,
his wonderful western ways and values.”
Walter Cronkite: “Clearly, he was a man who said, ‘This is what I believe.
Take it or leave it.’ Your grandfather made no allowance for the political
necessities. He was going to make his statement and by gosh they were going
to elect him on his basis or not at all.”
George Will: “When Goldwater said his famous line, ‘Extremism in pursuit
of liberty is no vice,’ it is said that one of the journalists up in the press gallery
rocked back in his chair and said, ‘Good God, Goldwater’s going to run as
Senator Edward M. Kennedy: “He was in many respects a Senator’s
Senator. He could differ. But he was never personal. He was never vindictive.”
Al Franken: “Today’s conservative party was built out of the ashes of
Goldwater’s loss.”
Morton Blackwell: “It took people by storm because he had a clear political
philosophy of limited government and free enterprise and strong national
James Carville: “If Reagan was the savior of modern conservatism,
Goldwater was clearly, you know, John the Baptist. It’s not very often that
someone is the father of a movement that turns out to be, ultimately, successful,
although it’s gone pretty far away from Goldwater-ism. And, you know, it kind of
makes him unique.”

Jan. 1, 1909 - Born in Phoenix, Arizona Territory, son of Baron and Josephine
1920 - Goldwater's father gave him his first crystal radio, sparking lifelong interest
in ham radio.
1928 - Graduated from Staunton Military Academy in Virginia, named
outstanding cadet of senior class.
1928 - First flying lesson.
Sept. 22, 1934 - Married Margaret Johnson of Muncie, Indiana.
Jan. 18, 1936 – First child, Joanne, born. Other children include Barry Jr., born
July 15, 1938; Michael, born March 15, 1940; and Peggy Jr., born July 27, 1944.
1941 - Enlisted for active duty in Army Air Corps. Served as group commander,
90th Air Force Base Squadron; chief of staff, Fourth Air Force; participated in first
flight of P-47s across North Atlantic; chief pilot Air Transport Command in
Azores, Casablanca and India.
1945 - At the request of Gov. Sidney Osborn, helped organize first Arizona Air
National Guard.
Sept. 19, 1952 – Officially announced bid for U.S. Senate.
Nov. 1952 - Won upset victory for U.S. Senate over Sen. Ernest McFarland, the
incumbent Democrat, by 6,500 votes.
1960 - Emphasized his strong opposition to the spread of worldwide communism
in his book “The Conscience of a Conservative,” which became a bible in
conservative circles.
Jan. 3, 1964 – Formally announced candidacy for GOP nomination for president.
July 15,1964 - Won GOP presidential nomination at convention in San Francisco.
July 16, 1964 - Delivered the acceptance speech that included famous words
''Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of
justice is no virtue.''
Nov. 4, 1964 - Defeated by Lyndon Johnson by 16 million votes.
1968 – Returned to Arizona and was elected to third term in Senate; elected to
fourth term, defeating Jonathan Marshall, in 1974; elected to fifth and final term in
Aug. 7, 1974 - With House and Senate leaders, including John Rhodes,
Goldwater visited President Nixon and told the chief executive he didn't have the
votes to avoid impeachment. Nixon resigned on Aug. 9.
1974 - Presented with Aviation Space Writers Distinguished Service Award.
1977 - Named to board of regents of Smithsonian Institution.
Dec. 11, 1985 - Goldwater's wife, Margaret, died.
May 7, 1986 - In a vote described by Goldwater as the proudest moment of his
political career, the Senate passed his sweeping military organization bill, the
Goldwater-Nichols Department of Defense Reorganization Act.
May 12, 1986 - Awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest
civilian award.
Oct. 18, 1986 - 99th Congress adjourned, ending Goldwater's Senate career.
July 1988 – Issued autobiography that takes Ronald Reagan to task over Iranian
arms sale.
Aug. 15, 1988 – Honored by delegates at the Republican National Convention in
New Orleans.
April 1989 – Honored by state senate.
April 1991 – Became one of the first inductees of the Arizona Aviation Hall of
October 1992 – Shocked state GOP by endorsing Democrat Karan English for
Congress over Republican Doug Wead. English went on to defeat Wead.
Oct. 30, 1992 – Head of Arizona Right to Life blasted Goldwater as “dishonest”
for his opposition to anti-abortion ballot measure.
June 1993 – Declared that the military should lift its ban on gays.
August 1993 - Said in an interview with the Advocate, a national gay and lesbian
news magazine, that he viewed concerns about gays in the military as pointless
and stupid. Goldwater also said the GOP's stance on gays is ''dumb,'' and noted
that his grandson and a grandniece are gay.
Nov. 9, 1993 - Appeared on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno and proclaimed he
planned to get a tattoo ''right on my ass.'' Also recalled Hillary Rodham Clinton
as a 1964 Goldwater Girl: ''I remember her going around in a gingham dress
trying to get people to vote for me. Trouble is, she didn't get around to enough of
Jan. 22, 1994 - Honored by Planned Parenthood for his decades-long
commitment to the right of privacy and a woman's right to choose.
December 1994 – Received the 1994 Civil Libertarian of the Year Award from the
Arizona Civil Liberties Union.
February 1996 - Described himself and Bob Dole as ''the new liberals of the
Republican Party'' during a meeting with Dole at Goldwater's Camelback
Mountain home in Paradise Valley. Despite Goldwater's support, Dole lost state
GOP presidential primary to wealthy publisher Steve Forbes.
August 1996 – Stunned Republicans by suggesting he would choose Bill Clinton
over Bob Dole for president.
May 29, 1998 - Goldwater died at the age of 89 in Paradise Valley, Arizona, of
complications from a stroke he suffered in late 1996.
*Amended document courtesy of the Arizona Republic

CC Goldwater founded Sweet Pea Films in 2005. Her first film, MR.
offers an intriguing glimpse into the public and private life of Senator Barry
Goldwater. The film had its world premiere at the Full Frame Documentary
Festival in April 2006 in Durham, North Carolina and will debut on HBO
September 18, 2006.
Ms. Goldwater has served as a television entertainment correspondent in
New York for “Live! with Regis and Kathie Lee,” and in Los Angeles with
“Hollywood Close-Up.” In addition to her television work, Ms. Goldwater has
contributed to several regional and national travel and lifestyle publications,
including ITEM and METRO New York. She has also partnered in a public
relations firm in New York and a public relations/advertising firm in Scottsdale,
Ms. Goldwater was born and raised in Paradise Valley, Arizona, where
she currently resides.

Julie Anderson, director of MR. CONSERVATIVE: GOLDWATER ON
GOLDWATER, has a long career in television production. She began her work
as a producer at ESPN, contributing on SportsCenter, the Olympics, the NFL
and NBA. She later worked as a production liaison for Lorne Michaels at
“Saturday Night Live.” After a five-year stint as a documentary filmmaker at
HBO Sports, Anderson was hired as an executive at HBO Original
Programming by Sheila Nevins, President of HBO Documentaries.
Over her ten years at HBO, Anderson produced and directed many
award-winning features and documentaries, including the Peabody Awardwinning
documentary “Dare To Compete: The Struggle of Women in Sports,”
about the history of the fight for women’s equality in sports, and the Emmy®
Award-winning “Arthur Ashe: Citizen of the World.” She served as associate
producer on the Academy Award®-nominated “4 Little Girls,” about the 1963
bombing of the Birmingham Baptist Church in Alabama.
Anderson recently departed her position as Director of Documentary
Programming at HBO to found her own production company, Lioness
Productions. She has been producing, consulting and developing projects for
among others, Russell Simmons’ production company, The Simmons Lathan
Media Group, Court TV, BET as well as a wide variety of cable and network
broadcast companies.
Over her career, Anderson has garnered four Emmy® Awards, several
CableACE Awards, and two Peabody Awards for her work on documentary
films. She was a 2001 Sundance Institute Fellow and is a consultant for the
Hamptons International Film Festival, Tribeca Film Festival, and Aspen Comedy
A native of Scarsdale, NY, Anderson graduated from the University of
Vermont and now lives in New York City.

Tani Cohen, producer of MR. CONSERVATIVE: GOLDWATER ON
GOLDWATER, recently produced the 2005 feature film “The Dust Factory”
starring Hayden Panettiere, Armin Mueller-Stahl and Ryan Kelley. Cohen
received an Emmy nomination for executive producing the 2001 Showtime
Original feature “Snow In August.”
Cohen started her film career at Brian de Palma’s Fetch Productions. The
feature films “Scarface” and “Body Double” were produced during her tenure
there. Since then, many festivals have recognized Cohen’s work as an
independent film producer, and three of her projects have screened in
competition at the Sundance Film Festival: “Inside Monkey Zetterland,” “Egg
Salad” and “Guinevere.”
Additionally, Cohen produced “The Souler Opposite,” which was featured
at the AFI Film Festival, and co-produced “How to Kill Your Neighbor’s Dog,”
which screened at the Toronto International Film Festival. Cohen served as
consulting producer on the independent film, “Living ‘til the End,” which made its
premiere at the Hamptons Film Festival in October 2004. Cohen also served as
the producer of “Septuplets” and “An American Town” for 20th Century Fox
Television, and co-produced the films “Replicant” and “Forever Lulu.”
Friends for over 30 years, Cohen and CC Goldwater have devoted the last
formed Sweet Pea Films in 2005 to produce the film. Cohen is a native of
Coronado, California and currently resides in Los Angeles.

Juliet Weber has been an editor of documentaries for over 20 years. In
HBO credits include “Diary of a Political Tourist” by Alexandra Pelosi, “Unchained
Memories: Readings from the Slave Narratives,” “Rape In a Small Town: The
Florence Holway Story,” and “Three Sisters: Searching for a Cure”.
Independent credits include “Sister Helen” (Sundance Directing Award
2002, co-editor), “Fastpitch” (best documentary Nashville Independent Film
Festival), “The Restless Conscience” (Academy Award Nominee, feature
documentary), and “Daughter of the Bride” (Academy Award Nominee,
documentary short).
Additionally, Weber directed “Picture This” for the ABC series “The
Century,” “Dragtime” and “Middle School Confessions,” both for HBO, “Outside
the Frame” for Channel 13’s “City Arts,” “Lindbergh” for “The American
Experience,” and the independent feature, “Secret Honor” directed by Robert

Joseph Vitarelli is the featured composer for MR. CONSERVATIVE:
As a cinematic composer, Vitarelli’s film and television credits include:
“Revelations,” “Wear Something Nice,” “And Starring Pancho Villa as Himself,”
“My Architect,” “The American Experience - Partners of the Heart,” “The Beast,”
“Boycott,” “Nobody's Baby,” “Laughter on the 23rd Floor,” “The Sports Pages,”
“Excellent Cadavers,” “Ryan Caulfield: Year One,” “The Pentagon Wars,”
“Kissing a Fool,” “Bella Mafia,” “First Time Felon,” “She's So Lovely,”
“Commandments,” “The Substance of Fire,” “The Big Easy,” “Evil Has a Face,”
“The Invaders,” “Nothing But the Truth,” “Tall, Dark and Deadly,” “Under
Suspicion,” “The Last Seduction,” “Bakersfield, P.D.,” “Equal Justice,” “How I Got
Into College” and “Big Man on Campus.”

Goldwater on Goldwater
Directed by Julie Anderson
Produced by CC Goldwater
Produced by Tani Cohen
Edited by Juliet Weber
Music by Joseph Vitarelli
Director of Photography Tom Inskeep
Assistant Editor
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